definition of aggregate query processing

Designing and Using Views To Improve Performance of

Sep 9 of queries and a database return definitions of derived data that when query language and query optimization query processing

Semantics and Evaluation Techniques for Window

intra operator buffering and tuple re processing In this paper we present a framework for defining window semantics and a window query evaluation technique

Query Processing over Uncertain Data Department of

An uncertain or probabilistic database is defined as a probability distribution All aspects of query processing over uncertain data and in particular its com queries 7 and aggregate queries 30 exhibit an interesting dichotomy property

Query Processing for Sensor Networks Cornell Computer

long term scientific research project that monitors an 3 Simple Aggregate Query Processing outline how to process such simple aggregate queri Query

Efficient Ranking and Aggregate Query Processing in

Uncertainty opens the gate to many possible definitions for ranking and aggregate queri This project systematically examines the underlying properti

Approximate Query Processing Springer

Definition Query processing in a database context is the process that deduces It is designed primarily for aggregate queries such as count sum and avg etc

Just In Time Analytics on Large File Systems Usenix

Fast processing of aggregate and top k queries are of ten needed by applications requirement is defined by two properties 1 file system analytics must be

Query Processing in Sensor Networks CiteSeerX

A smart sensor query processing architecture using database technology can facilitate deployment of table at well defined intervals specified as query parameters floor Figure 3 Sensor network executing a simple aggregate query

Using Object Awareness to Optimize Join Processing in

Mar 23 means to handle costly aggregate queries by applying in cremental performance of query processing using the aggregate cache

Query behavior IBM

Specify whether aggregate rollups are computed locally or in the database Improve performance by setting the query processing type to determine Select the vendor specific function sets for the data sources that are defined in the project

Aggregate function Wikipedia

In database management an aggregate function is a function where the values of multiple rows OLAP cube Online analytical processing Pivot table Relational algebra Utility functions on indivisible goods Aggregates of utility functions

Fast Evaluation of Iceberg Pattern Based Aggregate

which pattern based aggregate PBA queries on a sequence database are evaluated is a sequence of variables each is defined over a domain For ex ample housing and online analytical processing OLAP of archived se quence data

Aggregate Query Processing in Data Warehousing

Aggregate Query Processing in Data Warehousing aggregate queries queries involving aggregation is be The tree corresponding to the view definition

Knowing When You re Wrong Building Fast and Sameer

Keywords Approximate Query Processing Error Estimation Diagnostics 1 a means to return approximate answers and reduce query response tim A large body of query aggregates that are sometimes unrealistic and can produce

Online aggregation Wikipedia

Online aggregation is a technique for improving the interactive behavior of database systems processing expensive analytical queri Almost all database

metadata challenge for query processing over

operators such as selection projection union and aggregation Advanced research has been Section 1 includes query processing definition and related work

The Case for Online Aggregation University of

interfaces but also corresponding changes to database query processing for prototyping online aggregation because it supports arbitrary user defined

Aggregate Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sep 26 Existing representative in network aggregate query processing techniques As in Figure 1 TAG establishes hierarchical routing by defining

Probabilistic Threshold Range Aggregate Query

A probabilistic threshold range aggregate PTRA query We formally define P T RA query over uncertain objects aR tree based Range Query Processing

Differential Forms for Target Tracking and Aggregate

Differential Forms for Target Tracking and Aggregate Queries in Distributed His research interests are in mobile computing sensor networks and algorithms

A Robust Optimization Based Approach for Approximate

these applications is that they execute aggregation queries on large databases approach to the problem of approximate query processing of SPJ queries with GROUP BY concept of fundamental regions that we discuss in Section 4 have

Aggregations Elasticsearch Reference 55 Elastic

By the end of the aggregation process we ll end up with a list of buckets For example if you define a set of aggregations under the range aggregation the

Supporting Ad hoc Ranking Aggregates Cheriton School

together guide the query processor toward a provably optimal tu ple schedule for user defined aggregate functions such as the mid sum in query Q2 above

Sketch Techniques for Approximate Query

Of all the methods for approximate query processing presented in this vol Any given sketch is defined for a particular set of queri Queries are an see how they can be applied to approximate the results of various aggregation queri

client/c/usage/aggregate Aerospike

There are various forms of processing results of a secondary index query Many developers use SQL for define aggregation queries against a database

Using User Defined Aggregate Functions Oracle Help

The process of creating a user defined aggregate function has two steps can be used just like built in aggregate functions in SQL DML and query statements

Rewriting Aggregate Queries using Description Logic

An aggregate query is a query that contains an aggregate function Aggregate 2 Definitions In this section we define a Description Logic called DLFDE and an object relational process is to combine the inherited constraints from EQ

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