how to build a compact gold suction dredge

2 Backpack Dredge good idea Gold

I ve got an opportunity to acquire a Keene 2 backpack dredge for $550 lightly used I saw a Gold fever video with Tom Massie and he had to make two trips see what it can do before thinking of upgrading to a suction nozzle setup reduce the flow over the box the gravels compact clear the nozzle

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The appeal of our modular System suction dredger lies in its compact and light construction Assembly takes only one day and it can be transported by

Gold Buddy 2 Inch Suction Dredge w/All Power 55 HP

Gold Buddy 15 Inch Suction Dredge w/JOBE 25 HP pump the sluice by the GOLD BUDDY Header Box Adapter making the entire sluice almost 4 feet long 30 Compact Sluice Box Kit Gold Buddy JOBE 2 inch Suction Nozzle UniFloat


His dredge is a genious idea and its mainly for slower moving water but i Go for the units with a suction nozzle as miniscule recovery boxes require Building a subsurface that will capture fine gold is a tough job and requires This ensures the black sand and tin concentrates never compact thereby

Amazon Nugget Sucker Hand Dredge with Nugget Trap

Amazon Nugget Sucker Hand Dredge with Nugget Trap Gold Prospecting Tool Everything Else Time Tested Suction Plunger That Sucks Up Gold Bearing Material Compact 24 Mini Sluice Box by Royal Make Money with Us

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The result of this design is greater dredge vacuum less horse power required power jet slips inside the hose creating a restriction and many plugs in the process stability over previous models while remaining compact and lightweight

The Gold Dredge

High pressure water is pumped into the bend creating a vacuum at the end of Experience finer gold recovery in a lighter and more compact dredge that will

Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for

How to plan design and build your own homemade gold suction dredge so you The Desert Fox is a compact light weight gold panning machine you can take

Gold DREDGES Keene Gold Fever

All major brands including Keene Proline and GoldBuddy suction dredges are Engineer Keene has what you need to make the most of your gold venture

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I have literally done just that to save weight and make a more compact system Adding length You have hit upon the bane of the suction dredge design Necessary Our Eureka Gold Thief has a very short riffle tray less than 2 Old timers used to make real super long sluices like feet long It didn t

Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for

How to plan design and build your own homemade gold suction dredge so you can prospect and mine for gold from

Keene 4 Suction Gold Dredge Alaska Mining

Keene 4 gold dredges are the workhorses of the industry This 4 Ultra is designed as a lightweight compact 4 dredge for those wanting to minimize enlargement of the jet tube making it a bit larger than the interior of the suction hose

Building a small dredge Gold Dredging

How does one get plans to build a small dredge As the streams in Otago you are detecting are shallow you will require a dredge with a suction nozzle good and is reasonably compact except for the air reservoir tanks

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Gold Sucker Sniping Tool w/Tether 1/4 Dredge Mining Prospecting Suction Crevice $ Gold Sluice 31 Compact W/ Stainless Riffles Prospecting Gems Dredge Mining Gold Dredge Hot Water Heater Plans Mining Prospecting

Compact Super Strong Pry Bar Gold Fever

Compact Super Strong Pry Bar A compact Pry bar / crevice tool designed for Dry Land Dredging Gold Vacuums >Crevicing Sniping for Gold Nuggets

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Overall only cost me about $60 to build and two afternoons in my garage I bought a good used Keene 4 inch floating suction dredge in sold it several It breaks down into a very compact unit easy to load into my Jeep and easy to

JOBE 25in Suction Nozzle Floating Gold Dredge

JOBE 25in Suction Nozzle Floating Gold Dredge Gold Rush Guys Here you ll find plans to build an inexpensive compact and light weight Gold

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The new design involves a slight enlargement of the jet tube making with a shorter oversized power jet and Marlex jet flare for greater suction Experience fine gold recovery in a lighter and more compact dredge that will out perform any

8 Inch Diamond and Gold Dredge Keene

This 8 inch Diamond and Gold dredge is sure to impress The suction system has an over sized power jet and twin injectors for maximum 200 pounds making it the lightest and quietest engine package available today It is one of the world s lightest quietest and most compact industrial diesel powered dredge period

Portable Suction Dredge Lake Pond Mud Muck Removal United

Jan 25 The Portable industrial grade DIY Dredge is a compact highly portable gasoline engine powered sediment removal pumping system Call us


New no riffle sluice boxes put more gold in your box simply by Technical Information on the Bedrock Buster Gold Suction Pump found that a rough wooden sluice with raised wooden slats worked best and was easy to build turned over by previous miners who had large sluice operations steam bucket dredges

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Apr 11 In recent times small suction equipment came into the market and The concept is same as placer mining only that the machine has become compact Individuals seeking gold can build a gold dredge on their own using

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